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  1. White Detergent Powder

    White Detergent Powder is comprised of sodium percarbonate which releases oxygen when comes in contact water. The produced oxygen bubble then breaks dirt and allows it to be easily removed by gentle scrubbing. It is ideal to be utilized for washing garments by hand. This detergent also consists of tetra acetyl ethylene diamine which activates bleaching and initiates oxidation. Enzymes used in its formulation are known to remove various organic stains keeping the fabric color intact with no adverse effect.
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  2. Clothes Detergent Powder

    Clothes Detergent Powder is utilized in houses and hotels for washing apparels, curtains, and bed sheets. It is made having a precise content of several ingredients including carboxymethyl cellulose, alcohol ethoxylate, amine oxide, citric acid, and alkyl sulphate. This powder is highly appreciated for the ability to easily remove tough & stubborn stains gently. It does not alter the texture and softness of clothes and is also skin friendly in nature.
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  3. Daily Use Home Detergent Powder

    Daily Use Home Detergent Powder is completely suitable for washing clothes either manually or in washing machines. It is required in less quantity and is known to have great foaming ability. This detergent works well with both hard & soft water and assures softness of garments even after multiple washes. It is comprised of alcohol ethoxylate which is a non ionic surfactant having the ability to remove greasy stains and citric acid to eliminate bad smell.
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  4. Detergent Powder

    Detergent Powder is utilized for washing cotton, Linen, polyester, nylon, or blended clothes in order to remove stains and maintain their look. It is formulated using various ingredients including hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent, ethanol acts as a solvent, and diethyl ester dimethyl ammonium chloride that is a fabric conditioner. This powder is known to maintain the shine & softness of garments and also adds soothing aroma to them.
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  5. Detergent Powder Micro Whitener

    Detergent Powder Micro Whitener is most commonly added ingredient in clothes washing agents to prevent dullness of white apparels, bed sheets, & curtains. It is generally sodium percarbonate crystals that works by a chemical reaction which releases oxygen to break down dirt & odor when comes in contact with water. Also known as oxygen bleach powder, this micro whitener is non toxic and skin & environmental friendly in nature.
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  6. Double Power Detergent Powder

    Double Power Detergent Powder is extensively utilized for laundry purpose in hotels and resorts owing to its ability to give new like look to the clothes. It does not fade color of garments and maintains their texture for a long period of time. This powder is perfect to be used for white clothes to provide them attractive appearance. It is comprised of musk ketone that is an aromatic compound, sodium perborate which is bleaching and color retaining agent, and sodium carbonate to make washing process alkaline.
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  7. Household Detergent Powder

    Household Detergent Powder is one of the most commonly used cleaning agents to wash clothes and other household fabrics. It is formulated and processed in automatic plant under the guidance of experienced professionals. Ideal to be used for both white & colored garments, this powder is highly appreciated for its great foam generating capacity even with hard water. This detergent is comprised of Sodium Disilicate that acts as a builder, which enhances dirt removing ability of the powder.
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  8. Washing Detergent Powder

    Washing Detergent Powder is completely suitable to be used with cold and warm water for cleaning clothes with similar efficacy. It is widely utilized in both commercial & domestic sectors for washing garments in fully or partially automatic machines. This powder contains percarbonate as a bleaching agent, propylene glycol as a solvent & enzyme, tetra acetyl dimethyl diamine as an oxidizing agent & bleaching activator, and titanium dioxide as a white pigment.
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  9. Washing Powder

    Washing Powder is most commonly used agent for cleaning clothes by dissolving it in water to create foam and soaking garments for about 20 to 30 minutes. It works on the principle of creating hydrophobic & hydrophilic tail to attach dirt and removing it by the running water. This powder is comprised of several chemicals that work together to remove tough stains enhances apparel’s life and to provide soothing aroma.
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